Licensed Gravel Pits

Licensed Gravel Pits

We are located on the borderline between Bruce and Grey Counties so we can service both areas effectively. Our pits are in northern and central Bruce County and in central Grey County. 

We recycle asphalt, topsoil and concrete whenever possible rather than needlessly wasting the products. All of our pits contain 6 inch crusher run, 7/8 inch crusher run, sand fill, bank run B, recycled asphalt products, crushed concrete, and topsoil. 

We have tri-axles, a dump trailer, a belly dump hopper, a live bottom trailer and a short tri-axle to choose from to deliver the product to your site. 

We have a wide variety of larger stone that can be utilized for river bank stabilization or similar situations. We have weathered cap rock and decorative stone for landscaping and we are prepared to meet with the customer to pick out specific stones.

Call the office for current gravel prices and estimates for moving the larger stone.

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