Tar and Chip Paving

Tar and Chip Paving

Tar and Chip paving can also be referred to as (chip and seal or seal chip paving). This process is not new and has been around for over 100 years.

Tar and chip paving is a low cost alternative to asphalt offering a more solid surface than plain gravel. The rough texture makes for much better footing when wet or snow covered. There is really no regular maintenance required of a tar and chip project. When doing snow removal take caution to set feet on plow equipment to ride slightly above the surface to prevent from tearing out portions of the tar and chip as this is a common mistake on this surface. 

Tar and chip paving can last anywhere from a 5 to 7 year span and at the end of that term another application can be applied to extend the life of the surface longer. Hot mix asphalt can be overlaid with no worries of the 2 surfaces bonding. 

Tar and chip surfaces are great for large areas such as farm lanes, parking lots, roadways, trailer parks, and golf courses. These sorts of places that see alot of traffic to roll the surface tight as it really shines when this is done.

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